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Russian Girls Problems

Women have been trying to achieve equality with men in society and family and there have always been a lot of contradicting views about it; however, very often men don't take women's interests into consideration. Who is to blame for it?

Maybe you can find the answer to this question if you try to study the situation in the country, where the most attractive and caring women live, in Russia. You can often hear Russian women and girls complaining of their husbands, who don't pay enough attention to women, refuse to understand them, and treat them badly. On the other hand, it is thought that Russian men are spoiled by Russian women's excessive care. The majority of women sacrifice themselves to the men they love. Women are used to care for their men, no matter whether it is cooking, washing up or gardening. The main thing is that women are used to do just anything their men want them to. Otherwise, they feel guilty for being selfish, greedy or unloving.

Moreover, it often happens that a woman is ready to give up her job to "start living for the man of her dreams". It is pretty obvious that if a woman makes a successful career she should be more satisfied with herself. And she may be happier... Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that Russian women sacrifice their interests and hobbies, their care remains unappreciated.

One more problem is that difference in interests of both partners cause misunderstanding between them. Certainly, the seemingly most appropriate way out is to find a compromise. But the most surprising thing is that women prefer to give in to men. Maybe in order to avoid conflicts. Maybe because changing hobbies and interests is easier for women than endless trying to persuade men to respect and to share their interests, let alone involving men into them. You know, some men in Russia are especially hard to please unless you do things they want you to but not the things you may be kin on. So, sometimes Russian girls just have no choice.

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